About Us

yuhui packaging machinery co., ltd. is a chinese manufacturer of liquid processing equipment. for over 2 decades, we have been committed to the development, production, and distribution of a great variety of liquid filling machinery. our continual efforts have yielded numerous invention patents. as a result, we can offer clients a diverse line of products including bottle filling machine, aseptic filling machine, premade bag and premade pouch filling machine, vertical form fill seal machine, as well as liquid filling and sealing machine.

liquid processing machinery developed by our company is ideal for the filling and packaging of liquid consumables including jams, jell-o, juices, milk, soy milk, soy sauce, vinegar, wine, drinking water, egg tofu, japanese tofu, and much more.

捕鱼达人3正版下载each year, we assemble up to 1,000 liquid filling and packaging machines, 88% of which are exported to countries and regions such as america, the eu, asia, and the middle east. our international trade network is expanding rapidly due to an emphasis on the completeness of our production lines and the quality of our raw materials, packaging supply, and additives. we have gained a reputation for fine manufacturing standards. in order to provide our clientele with greater accessibility, location-specific after-sales services have been established and may be available in an area near you.

捕鱼达人3正版下载our core staff includes managers, senior engineers, and an experienced r&d team. to maximize production efficiency, we have introduced state-of-the-art equipment that is capable of laser cutting, water cutting, and wire-electrode cutting. our company has established several subsidiary branches for the specific purpose of manufacturing packing materials and additives for raw materials.

we have collaborated with numerous liquid packaging equipment experts and development institutions to optimize the processing functions of our liquid filling machines. through a solid technical foundation, we fulfill the expectations of new and repeat customers. choose yuhui for high cost-performance liquid processing equipment that yields excellent returns for your investment.

here at yuhui, we take pride in our professionalism. we are the embodiment of progression - through the combined intellect of passionate minds, we will breathe innovation into the industry.

捕鱼达人3正版下载on-site visits are encouraged. a guided tour of our facilities can be arranged. oem service is available upon request. please contact us for further information. services representatives are on standby to assist you.

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